Suburban Yamadori, Boxwood

Bonsai Iterate

One of the many perks of membership in a bonsai organization is that one of the club members may learn about unwanted shrubs that can be collected, and share the opportunity. The suburbs are a fantastic collection area with many old shrubs and hedgerows, and homeowners who are regularly making changes. In this case, the homeowner had recently moved into a home with many boxwood bushes throughout the yard. Chuck shared the availability with the club, and today he and I went to dig two large specimens.

That pile of branches is what we removed to make digging, moving, and future styling easier.

I claimed a big single trunk tree for myself. The second bush had multiple trunks, but we soon discovered it was two plants placed too close together. We separated the two and they will go to other club members who expressed interest.

I brought mine home and…

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Itoigawa repot

Nebari Bonsai

This itoigawa was grown out for years in a 2-gallon can, and I’ve been reducing the root mass since 2011. This will be its 3rd bonsai pot, and maybe I’ve pushed it too far…?

Current, production-grade Yamaaki; 11×3″

Last of the nursery soil is removed:

Tight squeeze…

10 1/4″ wide and 1 7/8″ deep Hokido container from a tokoname potter that fired pots from about 1979-1990.

With the canopy thinned out in a few weeks, it should appear less top-heavy.

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