Jane’s Deck – Busy Days At The BirdBath

Backyard Dispatches

‘Every Body into the Pool!’ I feel that this is what the birds are communicating to each other lately. I have two bird baths on the go and they need to be refreshed two or three times a day.

The sparrows all get along in the bath, once one jumps in the rest follow. I’ve witnessed eight of them splashing and bathing at the same time. Some of the other birds prefer a private bath. The Red-winged Blackbird is one of these. Both the male and female will chase other birds out of the bird bath if it’s their turn. The Robin is another solitary bather. A major bath by this fellow requires the bath to be filled… again.

I have chosen to have the bird baths at different levels, one on the ground and the other on a pedestal. In the ground bath I have added a solar fountain/bubbler…

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