Red and gold-more autumn colour

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davJust rushed out between the showers, days of showers at the moment , to get some photos of these trees with the few minutes of sun upon them. On the whole I don’t like autumn, as far as I am concerned it is the harbinger of winter and I really hate winter, but this display of colour is bringing me round a bit for a few days at least.

dav‘Jacks Acer’ as you can see the ugly root doesn’ t look quite as bad as it did a a few weeks ago when I acquired this at the auction of Jack’s trees at our club. I imagine Jack must have had this some years as single trunk Beech trees take a long time to get to this stage.

Tree on arrival 11th Oct 2018

Our Golden Wedding Anniversary Acer Kashima bought from Lee  Vehorevoort at Swindon Show Feb 2016 has…

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Juniper project cont’d May 2019

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It was February 2017 When I discovered this great untidy Juniper at the back of the yard at a nursery, long neglected and left by the previous owner and just waiting to be revived.

The story that followed can be recapped on my blog pages sprinkled throughout my
bonsai achives section

I am now at this stage (below)and wondering what I should have in mind for the futuresdr     May 2019

Not a techy by any means I have managed to play around with the Paint.Net a free software programme and eventually arrived with the following image which might be somehting to aim for .What do you think?sdr

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Progress Reports

Michael Coopers Studio

Tree progress reports  Oct 2019

Juniper Project from Feb 2017 to Oct 2019

I know it’s ages since I added any news of my trees, for the last year or so though I was bogged down with health issues as they say  and much of my get up and go had just got up and gone.

However everything seems a lot better now and it is time to show the progress of some of my trees that seem to have altered  most in the relatively recent years.

The Juniper project started in 2017was now beginning to  show some promise much of the improvement thanks to the assistance of 
 Adrian Taylor fellow member of the Taunton andSomerset Bonsai Club, cheers Ade

Blue Atlas Cedars.

My sons gave me Kaizen vouchers for Christmas 2016 and having been thwarted on the website by one speedy purchaser I later spotted a couple…

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Mainly Bonsai on a Budget

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Since  my last report showed some of  the more dramatic improvements in of my young trees  I have been looking at the log book of the rest of my trees.
The Acer above and the group below are the result of a Morrison’s Supermarket purchase in 2014 for only a few pounds, they give a fine display of colours throughout the seasons.
This last summer I have been very careful to let them have only a limited amount of sunshine, situated in shade or semi shade most of the time and even now in October there is no sign of leaf burn by sun or wind. Leaf burn is actually caused by an interruption to the upward water supply in the tree causing an air lock like situation so water,water.water is the best way to prevent it in Acers during a fine hot and or windy summer.


Another …

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