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Portland, Oregon – NW

Travel Design Impressions

We recently visited Portland, Oregon as the first stop in an Oregon – Idaho – Washington road trip. We chose to stay in the Northwest “Alphabet District” which has a lively commercial zone and congenial homes and apartment buildings. On our first outing we explored some of the nearby retail shops.

Dragonfly Coffee House

Naturally, being in the Northwest, we started with coffee. Fortunately, the Dragonfly was just a couple of blocks from our hotel. Note it includes a Portland feature out front, an actual bike-share parking area. This stands out because in Seattle bike-share bicycles are simply dropped in any old place.

Dragonfly Coffee House

Inside, the Dragonfly showcases their own pastries, good coffee, and a collection of chairs and seating arrangements made up from a variety of used furniture sets.

Just down the block, on another day, we tried Boulangerie St Honoré, a cross of coffee shop, bakery…

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