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Blue birds of happiness


These guys gave me quite a show today! My husband took a photo of me and I took a photo of them!

I’ll share them all.

Aren’t they great!

They are male boat-tailed grackles all showing off. One kept walking closer then the other two would walk closer. I have a video of them I put on my instagram if you have that it is bethanykaysphotography if you’d like to watch that.

There was no one at the wetlands today so I was able to just watch them and nothing else existed but these three birds. Then my scooter died and my husband had to push me to the car!!!! But for a short time…all was good

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Backyard Dispatches

It’s time to think about cleaning up the garden for fall. While doing this you can create a good haven for birds to help them through the fall and winter months. After raking the leaves, place some in piles under shrubs or bushes for our foraging birds who are looking for bugs. After cleaning up fallen branches, assemble a small brush piles in the corners of your yard for birds to take shelter from inclement weather and predators. Leaving flowers with seed heads is also good for the birds, they can be cut back in the spring.

This is also the time to take the feeders in for a good cleaning. You can use 1 part bleach to 9 parts hot water, or a mixture of vinegar and water. Always rinse very well and allow to air dry outside. Bird houses also need to be cleaned out to allow birds…

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Backyard Dispatches

Days are getting shorter, shadows are getting longer and evening temperatures are cooling. All signs of the approaching season of fall. The birds are also noticing these changes as they prepare for the journey back to their wintering grounds. Natural food sources will also become less readily available which affects the migration schedule. Fall migration can begin as early as June for birds in the far north, but generally begins in Ontario during late August through mid November.

Photo Credits – Annie Spratt

Spring and fall migration are quite different for the birds. In the spring birds are on a strict schedule to get to their breeding grounds, mark territories, molt into their bright plumage, attract a mate, sing their best songs and raise a family. Lots of work. Fall is a little more laid back. If they find a place with an abundant food supply, they can stay for…

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