What’s Up? – Halloween is almost here!

H.J. Ruiz - Avian101

Halloween Is almost here!

The past week the weather temperature has been moderate and comfortable for all of us. Very much like a regular autumn, but with no rain in sight.

Almost every store has decorations for Halloween right now (Black cats, skeletons, carved pumpkins, witches creepy spiders, etc.)  are all over to motivate children and grownups and buy these decorations. We don’t decorate our house but we buy “trick or treat” candy for children that ring the doorbell in the night of Oct. 31st. Tyler loves to wear a costume and go out with friends to ring doorbells door to door and collect candy. Many parents go with their little children and walk along with them.  It’s a big event for children.

My birds are healthy and happy with the new decrease of  weather temperature. The leaves from trees are fallen at a faster rate.


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One field at the north end of Reeder Road was Cackling central.  Thousands were there when we arrived in later afternoon…and dozens more were arriving, flock after flock.  As with the cranes, many of the geese now on Sauvie will move further south though most stay in the Willamette Valley.  Keeping a very low profile was a quartet of white-fronted geese on the back side of this Cackling crowd.

In the one shot above that is all sky a flock of Cacklers passes beneath a soaring eagle.

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scr-relics (2)How to describe age.  In this photo we move visually across ages, past eons, and perhaps see a possible future if our species doesn’t exterminate life as we’ve known it.  The visible grass is not too old, most leaves may have begun last fall.  Yet, beneath thrive the roots, the crucial part of the plant we rarely see.  Those roots may have been place for a decade or more.  The cattywompus oak in the center could be a couple hundred years old, the trunk that is.  If a previous trunk were chopped down by white invaders around 1840, the persevering roots could be centuries old. The abandoned rusting hulk of a truck is less than a century old and may not last another hundred years.  The house tucked beyond the hill may be the newest thing in view.  The cranes–well, no individual bird is likely to be…

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