Meadowlarks trilling!

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Here in Kentucky, our Eastern Meadowlarks have returned and are perching on fenceposts all over. These birds sound to me a lot like the ones I got used to back home in Arizona, but according to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Easterns have 50 to 100 different variations of their song, where the Westerns only have around 10 to 12 variations!… Continue reading Meadowlarks trilling!

Birdy Genius: The African Grey Parrot

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Remember when people said that parrots just mimic sounds, and have no actual comprehension? Once I’d had a parrot of my own, I KNEW this was SO untrue! And I knew that “bird-brain” was actually a compliment! Then I saw the results that Dr. Irene Pepperberg was getting from her lab at the University of Arizona. She acquired her most famous… Continue reading Birdy Genius: The African Grey Parrot

Downy woodpeckers

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Photo by?Rachel Moore?on?Unsplash It’s so cool to see our Downy Woodpeckers! They’re not very big birds, smaller than a Robin for instance, but that dapper black and white plumage with the males’ red cap is SO striking. I really enjoy seeing them come to our feeder through the winter, and recently our male resident has been joined by a lady Downy.… Continue reading Downy woodpeckers

Goldfinches year-round…

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I’ve been watching Goldfinches for at least 20 years now, and they still entertain me with their persistence and antics, especially at the bird feeder at this time of the year. When I moved “up-country” to Shumway, Arizona (in the White Mountains) was the first time I really noticed them. The year before, I’d put out a bird feeder and filled… Continue reading Goldfinches year-round…

More about the company aka the birds.

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How I ended up with a plethora of winged friends on the balcony started with my curiosity. A curiosity which stems from them being one of my animal totems. Each type of bird has a special significance and they appear when advice is needed! The summer feeder on the balcony. This is the latest version after many different prototypes.… Continue reading More about the company aka the birds.