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Chris xepapas on Instagram: “Two years on and this #Japanese #maple #bonsai is starting to take shape but still needs some time to develop. My first live feed was…”

A Special Fall 2019 Revisit


I purchased a Ficus from Brussels Nursery in the early Summer with the intent of using it for several demonstrations this year.  It was an old tree that was greenhouse grown and put to the side. It will take some years and some special grafting to make this tree a spectacular one, but it is on its way.

Ficus Fall clean up – Before

I did a potting demo for Midori Bonsai this summer at their meeting. Then a grafting demo at Sei Boku Kai (SBBK) in August. The graft was an approach graft type sealed with cut paste to keep warm and moist. I had cut the major branch during the Midori demo and told them it would be used to graft too later.  I had wrapped in the branch graft area in a zip lock bag and left to grow. When I went outside to check it today…

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