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Some More Birds from This Year

South African Landscapes and Seascapes


Cape Cormorants on the Western Cape
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa; SEP 2018

Three years ago, we visited South Africa. Afterward, I shared many images, mostly of the abundant and beautiful wildlife. Though I published some landscapes and seascapes, I have many that I didn’t publish. I thought I’d go back and share some of them now. There will be more in the future.

Note: Please click on caption to see image at higher resolution.

Tree Overlooking Sugarcane Field;
Near Eshowe, South Africa; AUG 2016

Zulu Homesteads;
Near Eshowe, South Africa; AUG 2016

Waves Breaking at Tsitsikamma Beach;
Tsitsikamma National Park, South Africa AUG 2016

View of the Bush;
Elephant Plains, Sabi Sands, South Africa

Homestead Dotted Hillside;
Near Eshowe, South Africa, AUG 2016

These and other
images are available to purchase on my website:
www.earthwatcher.usor by

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Waterfowl and Shorebirds

Orioles and Waxwings


Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum) -P1
Willow Creek Recreation Area, American River Parkway, Folsom, CA; SEP 2019

Over the course of the current year, I have been busily photographing
many birds; so many that I have gotten behind in my posts. Over the next few
months I’ll do my best to catch up, interspersed with some other interesting
aspects of nature such as the golden leaves of the aspens along the eastern
sierra. In this post, I’ll start with sharing some birds that I find especially

The Bullock’s Oriole (Icterus bullockii) is found in the
western part of North America. They like open areas near trees where they can
find caterpillars, fruit and nectar.

TheHooded Oriole(Icterus cucullatus) is
found in the southwestern United States. However, in breeding season they
reside in western California also. They live in more open areas, and especially
like palm trees. They like fruit…

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A Few More Scenes from Banff and Jasper


Mt Athabasca
Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada; MAY 2019

I shared some scenes from our trip to Canada last July.
Today, I am going to share a few more. These are mountain peaks along the
Icefields Parkway.

I included two images of something out of the ordinary for
me. I am a closet lover of railroads and trains. Kicking Horse Pass crosses the
Big Hill west of Banff, AB in Canada. It sets on the Continental Divide and on
the Alberta/British Columbia border. When British Columbia joined Canada, a
railroad was built across British Columbia. Crossing the Rocky Mountains presented
a significant obstacle. The best solution at that time was to send the railway
up Big Hill and over Kicking Horse pass. But that meant ascending and
descending 1,070 feet on 4 ½% grade; i.e. for every 100 feet of horizontal distance
the hill rose/fell 4 ½ feet. The doesn’t…

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