Seeing Double


Aging is something we will all go through.  Rather than fighting and denying it, accept it and do it gracefully.  The choice is yours, do you want to age like a fine wine or a sour vinegar?  Why do I bring this up?  3 reasons:  1) The title of this post reminded me of aging because the only one thing about aging that I have the least control of is my eyesight.  Without my reading glasses, things are blurry and almost like seeing double ( or multiple blurry images).  2) Bonsai is a great example of aging gracefully.  If only I can age light a bonsai, I can become more beautiful as I age. 3) Seeing double and aging maybe a good segue to the subject material I will using for my demo at the World Bonsai Fest at the Pacific Bonsai Museum next Saturday May 14th.

This is somewhat of a spoiler alert if you…

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