Oh To Be Young

Bonsai Eejit

A bit of a play on my surname there, ‘Young’, for those of you who only occasionally pop in for a look. This is my dad, the real Mr Young. 92 years old next month.  The photo shows him on a step ladder dismantling a green house back in February. I stood chatting to him for a few minutes, telling him he was mad, he told me I’d be getting cold standing there and to get inside! He built that greenhouse roughly 70 years ago.

About a month later he asked me about getting a polytunnel to replace the green house. I thought he was joking. Apparently not. I had to order one up for him. I asked him what plastic he wanted for it. He said to get the long life one 🙂 25′ x 10′ just so he can grow tomatoes.

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Alabama Bonsai Society 2018 Spring Show

Nebari Bonsai

Karin and Anika did an outstanding job again this year. Kathy Shaner was our show arranger and judge, who is constantly teaching and is a treat to spend time with.

Our show is judged by experience level (0-3 years, 3-5 years, and >5 years), then by tree variety, with some additional awards for tropical, ROR, Penjing, and honorable mentions.

Here are the results of this year’s show.

Novice Class

Fruiting/flowering. Satsuki Azalea:

Intermediate Class

First place deciduous, trident maple:

Second place deciduous, Korean Hornbeam:

First place broadleaf evergreen, Kingsville boxwood:

Experienced Class

First place deciduous and Best In Show, laceleaf Japanese Maple:

Second place deciduous, weeping willow:

First place evergreen, Japanese Black Pine:

Second place evergreen, Itoigawa Shimpaku Juniper:

First place broadleaf evergreen, Kingsville boxwood:

Second place broadleaf evergreen, Korean boxwood:

First place flowering/fruiting, Satsuki Azalea, Kinsai:

Second place fruiting/flowering, Satsuki Azalea:

First place Root-over-rock, trident maple:

Second place Root-Over-rock…

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