Cork Oak Progress Update


Purchased this cork oak from a nursery in southern California in 2009. It was in a standard nursery pot from a bonsai grower. When I got it home I was shocked to see that its roots were mostly 4 plus inches below the soil level with a stick in between with only a few small feeder roods in the nebari. So, I left it to develop roots, In 2010, I re-potted it into a grow pot and waited for the corking to begin and roots to continue to develop.

2010 Cork Oak

Today the tree has a nice canopy and has been producing considerable foliage. I wanted to re-pot this one before the heat started to build in my area. We were able to get it out of the grow pot to find copious root grown and get it placed in a more appropriate pot.

Cork Oak re-potting 2018


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The return of the Bonsai Turkey

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Well, my bench looks like a mess. What is happening here? We got trees, pots, and it looks like the beer is hiding behind the trees…..GET OUT THE BUSHES AND IN MA’ BELLY! I do believe I have a few tasks before the cerveza gets recycled into its constituent parts, though.

I have this new pot, which was purchased at the last Winter Silhouette show, from a new Bonsai potter named Ben.

Isn’t that awesome? I just love it.

His business just happens to be called……

Ben’s Bonsai PotsCheck him out.

I found him, and this pot, just in time, you see….

….we have, The Turkey, as I call it, a green mound ficus, and it has a broken pot.

To read it’s humble beginnings, Go here

The trees binomial name is a ficus microcarpa “crassifolia”, what is sometimes called “green island” (which is incorrect) but should be called…

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Akadama, the ideal Bonsai soil

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Soilless mix.

Whatever you call it (the only correct and descriptive phrase is the last one), it’s a controversial subject. One can have a more civil argument discussing the left/right division in the US political paradigm of contemporary society than you can talking about Bonsai mix. Sounds like a good topic for the blog, right? Yeah……

I will only, briefly, touch on the technical concepts I’ve discussed before (there are at least three or four previous soil posts here, here, here, and here), leaving the bulk of the data and science in those other posts, but the basics will be covered. I’ll try to be accurate to actual science but I’ll still be roasted by the true believers out there (I call them the Gatekeepers of the Status Quo, among other things). But I can handle it, I live by a motto…

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