May 2: Planning Tropical Tree Summer Work


Today I revisit my little tropical collection to plan for the summer design work. I will be doing a demo in July and need to get these trees planned for that period. Descriptions are on the tree photos. If you notice a white material on the leaves; that is from the high mineral content of San Jose, CA water. I use leaf bright to clean that off. Since these will go to demo that work will be done during that time.

Ficus on Ginseng graft. These are sometime very difficult to manage but I have been able to keep the ginseng root section under control and develop the upper canopy. This year the center will be opened up to get more of a designed top.

Schefflera triple trunk is a new tree from a cutting 3 years ago. Notice the leaf size. Leaf reduction has been incredible on this cutting…

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Ludwigsburg Palace Treasure – Bonsai


Bonsai is a Japanese art form using cultivation techniques to produce small trees in containers that mimic the shape and size of full size trees. The Japanese tradition dates back over a thousand years.

The purposes of bonsai are primarily contemplation for the viewer, and the pleasant exercise of effort and ingenuity for the grower. By contrast with other plant cultivation practices, bonsai is not intended for production of food or for medicine. Instead, bonsai practice focuses on long-term cultivation and shaping of one or more small trees growing in a container.

Bonsai uses cultivation techniques like pruning, root reduction, potting, defoliation, and grafting to produce small trees that mimic the shape and style of mature, full-size trees.

They are unique, beautiful and a healthy, relaxing hobby for those who love creativity and nature.

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