Links to good info on Black pines.

Bonsai advice

Very well explained decandling technique.

Absolutely fantastic and simple explanation for development of Black pine:

Why tight curves are suitable for smaller bonsai…a lesson why for larger bonsai curves should be wide.:

Grafting black pine:

Why not slanting cut on Black pines and growth explaines

A PDF on foliage control for pines supplied by Eric Henry:

Bonsai Tonight

Pulling pine needles

Thinning Japanese black pine

pine cut back

Developing young pines

How to repot a young Japanese black pine (1 of 2)

Bonsai Tonight

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Adam Lavigne on Instagram: “Jesus Brito won the 2018 Bsf Presidents award at the Bsf convention this weekend with his amazing Powder puff. Congratulations my friend!…”

#newarrivals : Buying a tree at an auction after I said : “I’m not going to”



Saturday was #bolandbonsaikai annual bonsai auction. This year there was a lot less items on auction as the club decided that they will only be selling trees. They took away the scissors, turn tables and other items. The auction started on time and it soon came to light that the people at the auction where not willing to pay for the trees on auction. Some of the trees was good quality trees and there was enough for everyone. There were trees for the beginner and one or two for more advanced bonsai experts. I my opinion the people that attended the auction was the same people that put trees on the auction, so they did not have the money to by the trees. Last year there was more people. I think the change of venue played a big roll in this.

The tree that went for the highest bid was…

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Crepe Myrtle – First Repot

Bonsai Iterate

‘Tis the nature of bonsai that even after 20 years of experience you can have real uncertainty about a routine procedure like root pruning. In this instance it was over root pruning a dwarf crepe myrtle I picked up on sale last fall. The uncertainty was over the date. I don’t usually do root pruning and repotting this late in the year (except on tropicals). The only thing I had to go on was the one concept I have depended on for years… repot deciduous trees just as they start to push buds.

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