Keeping it Arboreal for Mother’s Day

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If mothers were trees…would they be like these? A speculative look at the similarity between maternal instinct and cultivated bonsai architecture.*  Seeing the forest for the trees. Five. Five is the perfect number. No more. No Less. Unless you are speaking of children, and then five is just an insane amount. Any more than five is asking to be committed. (Ahem…Cousin… Continue reading Keeping it Arboreal for Mother’s Day

#bonsaivideo : A confused Juniper cascade discussed.

Originally posted on Bonsaiwithromano: I just want to apologize for the camera angle. The tree moves out of the frame every now and than. I was in a harry this morning as I shot this video. I only noticed it during editing. In this video I will discuss the plans I have for a Juniper that has been in my care since 2013. I… Continue reading #bonsaivideo : A confused Juniper cascade discussed.

When We Protect “Umbrella Species,” Who Else Gets In Under The Umbrella?

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Sage-grouse (Photo: Dave Showalter) by Richard Conniff/Yale Environment 360 Conservationists often criticize state fish and game departments for focusing single-mindedly on one species to the detriment of everything else — for instance, improving habitat for elk, which then browse down habitat for songbirds. But what if conservationists — who don’t have that traditional hook-and-bullet mindset — nonetheless inadvertently do much the… Continue reading When We Protect “Umbrella Species,” Who Else Gets In Under The Umbrella?

Transplanting A Pine Bonsai

Valavanis Bonsai Blog Now that our deciduous bonsai are mostly transplanted and trimmed, its time to begin with the evergreen species. Many of the pines have been pinched, at least once and I have learned that this is the prime time to root prune and transplant established pine bonsai. 1985 This bonsai is a RAF Dwarf Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris ‘RAF,’ which has been completely … Continue reading Transplanting A Pine Bonsai