James J. Smith’s Bonsai Gallery at Heathcote Gardens


Heathcote Botanical Gardens is located in the Treasure Coast section of Florida.

The James J. Smith Bonsia Gallery is located there.  This is the largest collection of tropical bonsai in the United States.


I marveled at the craftsmanship and time it must have taken to create such specimen. I took a photo of the information on Bonsai. Click on it to enlarge it, if you are interested in reading it.

Here are just a few of the dozens of tiny trees.

Crepe Myrtle (2002)

Black Olive (1992)

Water Jasmine/ Wrightia religiosa (1990)

Water Jasmine in bloom

Bougainvillea (1989)

I especially loved the trees in bloom. They were like magical , trees from a fairyland.

Dwarf Jade/ Portulaca afra (1961)

This Surinam Cherry even had fruit on it.  It was my favorite.

Surinam Cherry/ Eugenia uniflora

Surinam Cherry fruit

Surinam Cherry branch

I wish I were tiny and cute.


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Juniper Nana full transformation from start to finish


Yesterday I mentioned that I will be styling the tree above. I must say I did not think it through. I made the announcement in the morning not knowing what life was going to throw my way. First I needed to take my wife and daughter to the gym after that I needed to still help prepare dinner. When we spent time eating and I finally put my daughter to sleep at 20:00. Now I could spend time working on styling the tree.

The second challenge came to me as I entered the garage to set up my work space to work on the tree. I did not have a heat gun or soldering iron to warm up the deadwood with to bend it in shape. So I called my father. He was not home so I could not collect one from his shed. My wife then mentioned that my…

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