#bonsaiforall : Is bonsai something that anyone can do as a hobby?


Is bonsai something that anyone can do as a hobby? The short answer is yes. As far as I am concerned there are two types of bonsai artists. The professional bonsai artists and the hobbyists. The bonsai professionals are the individuals who gets the once in a life time opportunity to go to Japan and apprentice for well known bonsai masters. These are the few that can make a living from doing bonsai demo’s, selling their trees and traveling the world as honored guest speakers at bonsai gatherings.

Then there are the hobbyists. Well lets just say this is a special breed altogether. I would classify myself in the hobbyist group. Everybody wants to be a well known bonsai artist and wants to tell you what the best way is to style your tree. I really admire those type of people as they can talk the talk when it comes…

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