How do they stay so small?

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There are many common questions and misconceptions about bonsai. For many, after they learn that bonsai is not a special species of tree (rather nearly any kind of tree or shrub trained in a certain way) the next question is, “How do they stay so small?” Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Even… Continue reading How do they stay so small?

#bonsaimaintenance : Finding time to maintain my trees.

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Today is one of those days where nothing exciting happened. I trimmed two trees this morning before work. I really want to spend more time working on my trees but with the rest of the tasks and responsibilities I have around the house its very hard to do this. I have a twelve hour routine everyday that I have to follow… Continue reading #bonsaimaintenance : Finding time to maintain my trees.

#bonsaiupdate : Just another day at #bonsaiwithromano

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There are eight days left till our clubs annual bonsai auction. The emails started going back and forth from early this morning. I am just enjoying the constant pleading of the organizing comity to members to be part of the team serving the club and helping with tasks. I found that no matter how much the comity pleads and invites member… Continue reading #bonsaiupdate : Just another day at #bonsaiwithromano

#Bonsaicarving : Yet another Australian Bush Cherry carved…

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This weekend was a very busy one. I spent most of it carving my huge Australian Bush Cherry that I have planted in a old water fountain basin. Is tree has been in my care for six years now. Every branch on this tree was grown in place. There where no branches on this tree when I first got it. It… Continue reading #Bonsaicarving : Yet another Australian Bush Cherry carved…