The Peanut Gallery – 2019 Review.

Seasons Flow

Welcome everyone to another year, it’s time for a new edition of The Past Year On My Patio!

Previous yearly reports can be found here: 201120122013201420152016, 2017,2018.

This post is bittersweet because this will most likely be the last post about my current patio.  I’ll most likely be moving this spring.  I’ll miss all my furred and feathered friends here!

Wildflower-wise, this year saw 2 species that predominated the last year:

Lady’s Thumb (also known as Smartweed and Knotweed)

Tickseed Sunflower

These plants flourished in the late summer and autumn…a couple of Indian Hemp showed up as well.  Fleabane (which predominated a couple years ago) didn’t show up.  It would be interesting to know how this all works.  I’ve always suspected seeds possibly showing up via bird droppings are at work here.

And now, the birds, from…

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