Birds of Yangon

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The audience for this post is not really our regular audience so feel free to give this one a miss.? If however, you are interested in the birds of Yangon then I hope this will be useful.? What follows is not an exhaustive list of every bird but simply every bird I have been able to… Continue reading Birds of Yangon

The Juvenile White Ibis is Not as “Bright” as The Adult

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I hadn’t seen a White Ibis this year until yesterday and I was very happy to come across a juvenile and an adult. The White Ibis live along the East Coast of the US from North Carolina down into Mexico. Notice the juvenile is mostly brown, with a white belly. As he matures the white will become more patchy…… Continue reading The Juvenile White Ibis is Not as “Bright” as The Adult


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A Hoosier, a birder, a conservationist, an “influencer” long before digital media… Gene Stratton Porter stands in a long, glorious line of women writers who knew, loved and helped protect nature. GSP wrote mainly books for young adults, rich with optimism and nature lore, often illustrated with her own photos of birds.  The new issue of Smithsonian has an article on her life… Continue reading WOMEN AND BIRDS, A LASTING MARRIAGE


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This past week two Purple Finch youngsters showed up in our garden.  First this year. Driving rural roads in Yamhill County now you can now see stark white and rich pink of feral plum trees declaring February is really spring. Songs can now be heard from House and Lesser Gold-finch, Song Sparrows, the mating call of flickers.  Those are species that… Continue reading MORE FIRSTS FOR THE YEAR