Chris xepapas on Instagram: “This old Pinus Mugo #bonsai , Swiss mountain pine had it’s first restyle in over 30 years, the tree being over 50 years. It was purchased…”

So Mr. Bonsai Artist, you’re being stubborn, huh?

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We welcome back to the blog a tree I had called “The Hairy Hornbeam”.

The tree was first seen in the blog post, appropriately called, Hairy Hornbeam

It’s second appearance was Here

This was a pic from many years ago, shared to me from that fabulous daily “memories” thing that Facebook puts in your feed. You know the one, where it shows all the posts from all the assholes you’ve blocked years ago. You’d think the Facebook algorithm would be able to deduce that if you’ve blocked a person, you don’t want to see that you used to go out and have sushi with a dude who’s your mortal enemy now.

Anyway, here’s that pic:

Beautiful color, right? I love the hornbeam in Florida just for that reason.

The poor tree has been through some shit.

Hurricanes, children, tornadoes, floods, climate change…cats and dogs sleeping together…..

Let’s me start the…

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How to grow trees and influence bonsai

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Here’s a quick update to the Happy Hollow Tree post from last year at the onset of winter. How we left the tree, a tigerbark ficus:

The pic below was just after the initial styling. The above pic was after just two weeks growing.

And now, after three months:

Below, three months ago:

And now:

The purpose of the work at the onset of winter (in Florida, but you can easily do this inside, and get better results due to a more controlled environment. I saw 37f temps a few nights) was to show that you can develop trees when everyone else says they are supposed to be dormant.

The wire even cut in.

Not too badly but it did.

The first work will be to remove the wire.

Here’s a bit of trivia: most call these “jin pliers”.

They’re actually for wire removal and application. There used to be…

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Deciduous and Determined

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It’s gonna be a shaggy dog story. What we have tonight is an American hornbeam (tonight being a few days ago as I sat waiting at the Tae Kwon Do school my children go to. I have two second dan black belt children, and my wife who is also at that level. This night I’m awaiting my middle son as he is in his Kummooyeh class, which is Korean bow and sword training. It’s a fairly new discipline, the master who invented it is still living).

This tree (Carpinus caroliniana) was styled by David Cutchin, who also collected it from the forest, at a BSF Convention several years ago. I won it in the auction.

I bid on it for several reasons. David and I share a passion for native Floridian, and American for that matter, trees. I’ve left the tree alone since last year, until now. It’s mid February…

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