Early spring birding

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Marsh Tit in Alexandra Park Treecreeper in Bordon Inclosure Marsh Tit and Treecreeper in Bordon, Hampshire A Lovely morning in the Deadwater Valley Trust Bordon Inclosure yesterday morning with a definite feel of spring in the air, I was almost never out of earshot of a drumming woodpecker or a singing treecreeper. I also saw two Roe Deer a Red Kite,… Continue reading Early spring birding

Black pine/Ponderosa Frankie Tree Revisit-

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This is an earlier work, black pine grafted on a ponderosa trunk. I think it was grafted about 9 years ago. It’s a small tree, a chuhin at 14”. Collected years ago by Randy Knight; recently reworked by apprentice John Eads. In our first post on this tree, Black Pine/Ponderosa, I suggested calling it a Frankie tree, for the Frankenstein element… Continue reading Black pine/Ponderosa Frankie Tree Revisit-

Minimalist Hemlock Styling~

Originally posted on Michael Hagedorn:
This mountain hemlock clump, Tsuga mertensiana, was featured in a styling post some years ago, and after a recent reworking felt ready for a revisit. Since the styling it’s been placed on a Corian slab, and moss has taken over. This one seems to slow down visitors. With some curiosity, I’ve watched some literally come to standstill in front of… Continue reading Minimalist Hemlock Styling~

European larch on rock update

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After 5 years growing from less then penci thick seedling Off training pot Roots in cleaning process The part of the rock and roots stock that is going to be exposed in future was cleaned, roots placed, packed with sphagnum moss and wrapped with black clinging film. All that should keep roots moist and press to the rock to help… Continue reading European larch on rock update