My Happy Place

Originally posted on Beyond Words:
? As part of my daily meditation and prayer, I end with a “30 Days of Gratitude” sheet that poses a thought or question for the day. Today’s struck me as timely and poignant as it asked, “What place are you most grateful for?” Easy peasy, it’s Costa Rica.  Exactly one week ago today I was on a plane headed… Continue reading My Happy Place

Fields, Mangroves, Sea, Birds

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Tuesday 10 December 2019. Costa Rica. A whole new area to explore, so we were up, bright and early, heading for the breakfast bar and to look at the feeders. It was pretty active, although mainly with Clay-coloured Thrushes and Hoffmann’s Woodpeckers, although a little diligent watching between mouthfuls of scrambled egg got us a Squirrel Cuckoo, albeit… Continue reading Fields, Mangroves, Sea, Birds

Freeport Wild Bird Supply (and partners!) Tours for 2020

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Our trip offerings continue to grow. Our collaboration with The Maine Brew Bus continues with our increasingly popular Birds On Tap ℠ – Roadtrips! (see listing below). And, this year, we are excited to announce a new partnership with DownEast Adventures as their exclusive provider of birdwatching tours! Whether you are interested in something local for a few… Continue reading Freeport Wild Bird Supply (and partners!) Tours for 2020

Everyone needs a sanctuary

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Everyone needs a sanctuary. Recent research shows that connecting with nature helps humans in multiple ways. Nature helps heal, soothe, and restore individuals from pain, stress, and depression. We all need a place to escape, if only temporality, from the pressures and madness of the world. When my wife and I winter in Florida, we are fortunate to have just… Continue reading Everyone needs a sanctuary