Pictures from 2019 – Birds.

Seasons Flow

It’s time for the 5th annual bird photo highlights, 2019 edition!

Here’s bird highlights from 2015 , 2016 , 2017 and 2018 if you’d like to take a look.

One of my favorite pictures from last year- a male Red-Breasted Merganser close-up.

And since I started with a waterfowl closeup, here’s another- a Horned Grebe, seen during migration time.

These waterfowl closeups don’t happen very often to me, so I try to remember to post them for you to see 🙂

And my final waterfowl closeup favorite, a female Hooded Merganser.  She was close by me on Big Darby Creek when I got pictures of her swimming upstream in Prairie Oaks Metro park last early spring.  Great lighting!

Some new species from last year:

Two Cormorants at the Darby Wetlands- the one on the right is the common Double-Breasted Cormorant, but the one on the left is a Neotropic Cormorant. …

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