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The fruit of your labor


This week I was blessed with two figs on my bonsai tree. They have been on the tree now for some time and I have been waiting for them to be ready to eat. Today was that day! The figs were nice, firm and very sweet. I was just lucky to get to the fruit before the birds did.

Besides eating the figs I did work on my Celtis Africana tree this week. The tree has started to drop its leaves due to the harsh weather conditions. We have had a very hot and windy summer. This has caused a lot of stress on a few of my trees especially the Celtis Africana species. They have weeping leaves after just one day. The reason for the weeping leaves on the Celtis Africana Species could be due to the fact that they all have huge canopies and they use more water…

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Ceder Basic Maintenance.


Last week I posted a blog about a Ficus tree that I defoliated. To read more on that see the link below:

Ficus defoliation progress

This week I thought I would show how I trimmed a Ceder tree that I have been working on over the past six years. Working on bonsai trees is not always as interesting as it seems. Some aspects of bonsai are very mundane and I for one lose interest if I have to do the same thing over and over again with out seeing results.

One of these mundane tasks are trimming back new growth on trees during the growing season. Many a day I have seen that a tree might be in need of a trim but I would put it off to the next available date. Before long you have more than just a few trees that need to be trimmed. You jump…

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New buds


A bonsai horse chestnut tree New buds

It’s been a while (actually, almost a decade!) since I last posted about my bonsai horse chestnut tree. Amazingly, after 32 years, it’s still alive! — I must be doing something right.

The tree’s had a new pot in the interim. This one is about twice the size of its previous home. As a result, the roots have spread out and the tree itself has grown, too. It’s now about three feet high, which is taller than I wanted it to be, but I’ve never been able to really control it other than by restricting its roots (I don’t know all that much about how to tend bonsai).

It really should be repotted about now (I think). Maybe I’ll get a round tuit.

As you can see from the buds, spring is almost here, thank goodness!

I’ll try to keep you posted on its progress a bit…

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