Common Tern

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Hey guys welcome back. And Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you out there that care enough to celebrate. I’ll be doing so by heading to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for a lecture about one of my favorite bird genera, the corvids (crow, jays, ravens, etc.) Today is our second tern species, the aptly named common tern, as… Continue reading Common Tern

American Oystercatcher

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Hey guys, welcome back. Today’s bird is probably the easiest shorebird to identify, the American oystercatcher. This crow-sized shorebird sports a brown back, white belly, black head, and a long, thick, red bill which they use for (you guessed it) catching oysters. Because they eat exclusively saltwater mollusks, their range is restricted to the ocean shoreline and they rarely wander… Continue reading American Oystercatcher


Bay Photos by Donna I almost missed this tropical bird, a Limpkin, foraging a freshwater swamp. Although it resembles herons and ibises in general form, the Limpkin is generally considered to be more closely related to rails and cranes. Limpkin The Limpkin was hunting for apple snails (its favorite), frogs, lizards, and crustaceans. Limpkin foraging “Fluffin’ the Feathers” Although it resembles herons and ibises in … Continue reading Limpkin