Bird #303 and First Paddleboarding!

Opportunistic Birder

On January 24th my band had a gig in Morro Bay. I checked the local rare bird alert and saw that a lot of people had seen a Yellow-crowned Night Heron in the harbor. So, before load-in, I went down to the marina in the state park and looked around.

It was low tide so I first checked out the mudflats. Nothing too interesting, so I moved to the water. A loon, some grebes, all just chillin’ in the late afternoon. Looking on the shore near the cafe I didn’t see the heron. I drove down to the end of the marina to look around and saw a couple of touristy looking folks taking pictures of what I assumed was the shoreline (I imagined some artsy photos could be made with Instagram filters and such). When I looked closer I saw the YCNH just sitting there being photographed. It was…

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