Bird #302: January 20, 2020

Opportunistic Birder

Let’s go paddleboarding this weekend!”, we said when FedEx Tracking assured us our new boards would arrive on the Saturday of MLK weekend. We had a lot of plans for those three days, not least of which was watching the 49ers win the NFC Championship. Our boxes arrived at 12:54 PM, and the game was at 3:40, so we pumped them up in the living room to work out the kinks and learn how to re-pack them into the backpacks.

The next day, Sunday, dawned sunny and “warm” (60’s) so we decided to do a trial run in the river where Garrett, Layla, and I had scouted a wide spot the day before. It looked like a side channel of the main river bordered by the bank on the north and cattails to the west, south and east. Neither Laura nor I had ever been on a paddleboard, so we…

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