Summer Tropical Work Begins


I have official begun working on my tropical trees in the collection. Several will be re-potted this weekend. All of these trees have been allowed their Spring blowout and now it is time to shape and refine.

Ficus benjamina was re-potted last year and has settled in well. These species is difficult to grow because it so sensitive to light and temperature changes.

Paper Bark Jade variety was cut back to encourage ramification.

Brutt-Davii was reduced in height to make the shohin display. It was placed in this new custom pot last year and is developing well.

This was / is a grafted ficus wherein I have reduced the legs of the base to a flared nebari now. It will be re-potted this weekend.

One of my favorite trees, this ficus mircorcarpa will be re-potted into a show pot this weekend.

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