A weekend of fuss-worthy weather


I wouldn’t blame the casual reader of this blog for concluding that Minnesotans talk about nothing but the weather.

But when you consider that our temperature range here is a whopping 174 degrees (and that it once dropped 71 degrees in a single day), perhaps you can understand all the fuss. And boy, was last weekend fuss-worthy!

A week ago Friday I visited the Quaking Bog, near Eloise Butler. This is one of my favorite fall hikes in the Twin Cities because it has such a mix of color — golden aspens, red maples, deep-brown oaks, evergreens.

Quaking bog leaves 1360138 BLOG

And although those colors were still patchy on Friday, they were brilliant in the late-afternoon sun.

Quaking bog 1360145 BLOGQuaking bog 1360132 BLOGQuaking bog 1360133 BLOG

I was sad that several pines had been vandalized, though (because even with peace symbols, the paint is still toxic to the trees). People are so weird sometimes.

Quaking bog grafitti 1360159 BLOG

Saturday brought a stroll through the…

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