Adam Lavigne on Instagram: “I got to see the tail end of Rob Kempinski’s premna workshop at the Hukyu (Tampa) club today. Rob grew these all from cuttings. Good seeing…”

Building a bonsai is all about the process

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Well, that’s a mess. Sometimes, though, it’s when you’re at your messiest is when you’re at your best. That’s the process.

If you are so worried about being neat, you’re not really throwing your whole self into the creation.

And, like they say, a clean desk is the sign of an empty mind…….

Or, more likely, what I just said is just a pile of fertilizer.

Say hello to Kathrin. I made her hold that tree for a full 2 minutes trying to get the perfect pic.

And that is her ficus microcarpa she started from a cutting. She is deep in process of slowly building the structure, growing out the trunk, with wired movement, then the branches. Growing them, wiring, then cutting back. That’s the point she is at now. The next step in the process is the thickening of the secondary branches. Who out there is saying to…

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Liuwa Plains – Zambia, Birding through the Seasons

Hermanus Bird Club

The next meeting of the HBC will take place in the Fernkloof Hall on Wednesday 17 October at 18h30.  It will be preceded by the usual drinks at 18h00.  Our speaker will be Gavin Turner.  Be sure to attend what will be a most interesting presentation!  Gavin and Cynthia Turner are old hands at the Liuwa Plains.  They write,

“Liuwa Plains is a remote National Park in Western Zambia best known for its

wildebeest migration, but has a wide variety and large masses of birds, which

for us is its main attraction.  As such it has become one of our favourites.

We have been there 4 times, in both the wet and dry seasons, which are quite  

different, and the presentation will cover these visits.”

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Pot Appreciation 101

Nebari Bonsai

Get a refill on your morning cup of coffee. With the blog format changing to bi-weekly posts, we are going deep today, so put off this post until you’re ready to read.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but maybe a 300-level student, capable of guest-presenting a 100-level Bonsai pot primer. Pots aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they are an important part of Bonsai, and for something as simple as clay and glaze, the range of pots available is staggering.

Pots can be simple in design too, they all have a defined shape, visible proportions, a body which contains the roots and soil, and an edge or lip. All pots normally have a bottom with drainage and tie-down holes, and the bottom may have feet, a pedestal, or may be flat.

Pots are manufactured in several ways, and for specific reasons:

Carved: smaller pots are often carved…

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Shimpaku Styling 5

Nebari Bonsai

This tree goes in fits and starts. I thought it had been a long time since it was updated, but it is here, and is a sprint through nearly 3 years of time, ending in April 2017. This first 2 shots below are July 2017 photos. The graft failed, unfortunately leaving the left vein supporting no foliage, meaning it was destined to dry up and wither, and with it, a very sinuous curving line moving along the left side of the tree. Bummer.

On a positive note, the back side had become an interesting option, and this angle isn’t quite as dependent on the second live vein:

When Bjorn visited in December, it was in the midst of 6″ of snow falling in Birmingham. So I moved the workshop trees into the shower to thaw and drain, and knew if anyone would understand bonsai trees draining in the guest…

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greebybeeby on Instagram: “The #uglysticktridentmaple enjoying a brief respite from all the rain 13-10-18. #bonsai #bonsailife #bonsailovers #bonsaitree #bonsaipot…”