Bonsai Potter Martin Englert plus Video

Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle

Earlier this month I met up with Martin Englert at the European Bonsai San Show 2018. An inspiring bonsai potter from Osnabrück in Germany, his exquisite hand-painted porcelain works completely contrast with his earthy honest wood-fired pots. By the time I got over to his vendor table a lot of his work was sold. If you do get to see his work buy NOW, it will only become harder to find and DEFINITELY collectable.

Take a look at his website HERE

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Japanese White Pine #3

bonsai balcony brno

A large part of the design died and after a stream of tears, I think it will look good again in a few years. When I think about how it looked and how the price suggested the owner’s value to it, I can wait a few more years.

After some of the die-back. Not really sure why so much lost sap flow, I did provide good aftercare but the time of year may have been bad.

It seems much too even on both sides now and I will have to stretch the design to the left to give it some direction along with asymmetry. For now, removing the bark and keeping the jin should help a little with the flow.


Have a good day.


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Mid summer update

bonsai balcony brno

I apologize for not posting new material lately but I’ve been dealing with a nasty migraine the past couple of months and work has kept me very busy as well as Bonsai. I recently took a trip to Mr. Jiri Svacina’s place because pine re-potting season is here and I wanted a nice container for the mugo pine that Mr. Pavel Slovak gave me as an assignment a couple years ago.

I really appreciate his style and I always feel like a kid in a candy shop when I visit, not to mention spending an extra hour or two more than I originally planned.

One pot seemed to fit the criteria I was looking for and so, it went home with me along with a couple other baked goodies. Here is the finished result.


I hope you’re enjoying your summer and that your trees are growing well. Remember since the…

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Feminine Yamadori Spruce

bonsai balcony brno

Howdy! It’s been so long and I am sorry but summer was hot and I was almost gone the entire time. Yes, the trees got love but I unfortunately didn’t have time for any blog posts.

So, I hope I can provide a quick and fun post and that you’ll forgive my absence :).

I collected this tree about 2 years ago, I didn’t think it was so interesting at the time but it was a Spruce and I had no Spruce, so I wanted a Spruce. It was very easy to collected which prompted my action of removing her from this environment and providing it a great home at the Brno Balcony.

It recovered quite well and even started to develop more bark down below. I didn’t give this tree much attention and was also quite lost with how I was going to style it. Since it was already…

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Colorado Spruce first wiring

bonsai balcony brno

Why hello there. I’ve been busy as of late but it’s been another prolonged period without a post so here we go.

I got this tree for a great price from a local nursery in Brno called Carex. They tend to have some good evergreen pieces that are meant to be garden trees but could make interesting bonsai as well. I took a crack at such a piece.

It was re-potted this spring and it recovered quite well and therefore applying some wire and beginning the journey seemed like a good idea.

IMG_3322 The poor fella was probably in the same container & soil for years. This was the beginning of April this year with the new buds getting ready to burst


The right branch will probably go in the future but I need it now to push the tree forward, health-wise. A high Alpine tree is what I am eventually…

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