Adam Lavigne on Instagram: “Kathrin’s escambron, from today’s Sarasota Studygroup. @kathrin2020 #floridabonsai #mybonsaiworld #bonsai”

🌿✂Erick Schmidt🌲🌳 on Instagram: “One day……. one day, I just might be able to convince this garden center to sell me their crassula! This thing is massive! Trunk about…”

You shop – Amazon gives to SMBAS


NOTE: Advertisements (or “you might like” blurbs) began appearing 9/28/18 at the bottom of our emailed blogs. This particular posting, was written on 9/27 and posted on 9/29/18. It’s possible it has something to do with these ads. As an experiment, on 9/20/18, I de-linked it’s web addresses to Amazon and replaced them with the complete web address, which you can copy and paste into your browser. Needless to say, the appearance of these items was unexpected and annoying, but WordPress has long given us the warning that such ads may appear because we are using their free version. I have no idea if this de-linking will cure the problem. If it doesn’t, I am open to suggestions as to what to do to get rid of the ads in the emails. Sans solution, we’ll have to live with this. [Chuck Almdale, Blog Editor]


Were you aware…

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