【Official】 Nippon Bonsai Excellent Exhibition uses Instagram: “We have had another month until the 38th Exhibition, so if you visit Kyoto in Kinki autumn, I would like to enjoy the autumn leaves. Today is the venue (Miyako Messe ) Introduction of the colored leaves spot in the vicinity Please refer to the plan of the trip! 1. Heian Jingu (Heian-jingu …

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第38回大観展まであとひと月を切りました。せっかく錦秋の京都を訪れたら紅葉も楽しみたいですよね。本日は会場(みやこめっせ)近辺の紅葉スポットをご紹介。旅の計画のご参考にどうぞ! 1.平安神宮(Heian-jingu Shrine) http://www.heianjingu.or.jp/ みやこめっせのすぐ側にある平安神宮。ぜひどうぞ。 2.南禅寺(Nanzen-ji Temple) http://www.nanzen.net/ 有名な紅葉スポット。みやこめっせから歩いて行くことができます。 3.永観堂(Eikan-do Zenrin-ji Temple) http://www.eikando.or.jp/ 南禅寺の少し奥に位置する永観堂。 4.高台寺(Kodai-ji Zen Temple) https://www.kodaiji.com/ 秀吉とねねの寺として有名。八坂神社を南下してすぐ。 5.清水寺(Kiyomizu-dera Temple) https://www.kiyomizudera.or.jp/ 夜間のライトアップが午後9時まで楽しめます。 6.叡山電車(Eizan Railway) https://eizandensha.co.jp/ 叡電のライトアップはとても綺麗。電車で紅葉のトンネルを抜けられます。 7.山科の毘沙門堂(Bisyamon-do) http://bishamon.or.jp/ 少し離れますが毘沙門堂も外せない紅葉スポットです。駅からの散策も楽しめます。 8.将軍塚の青龍殿 (Shogun-zuka) http://www.shogunzuka.com/ 山頂からの眺めは抜群。移動はバスかタクシーで。 9.嵐山(Arashiyama area) http://www.hankyu.co.jp/area_info/arashiyama-navi/spot.html 離れてしまいますが嵐山も外せない紅葉スポットです。スケジュールに余裕を持ってどうぞ。 10.東福寺(Tofuku-ji Temple) http://www.tofukuji.jp/ 錦秋の京都と言えば東福寺の紅葉ですね。拝観受付終了は16時ですのでご注意を。 写真は鈴木伸二大観展運営委員長の盆栽庭園より。 #bonsai #taikan #taikanten #shinjisuzuki #盆栽 #大観展 #盆栽の魅力 #鈴木伸二 #盆栽を楽しむ #錦秋の京都 #紅葉 #Fallisinfullswing #席飾り #秋たけなわ #植物好きの人と繋がりたい

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Bonsai-Kulturen on Instagram: “Meine Wüstenrosen 🌱🌵 Alter: ca. 5 Jahre . . #Wüstenrose #adeniumobesum #shohin #mame #natur #sukkulenten #succulents #bonsai #bonsailovers…”

Meet Harvey B. Carapella

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Harvey Carapella is an accomplished award winning bonsai artist living in Rochester, New York. He worked as a graphic artist for 36 years at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he additionally taught basic design and drawing for 44 years. Before growing bonsai he raised reptiles and spent considerable time making realistic panorama cages for his slinky pets. His attention to detail has now been transformed to his bonsai.


Harvey has combined his graphic art background with his natural artistic talent to grow, design and display fine quality bonsai. Many of his bonsai exceed the quality of those created by professional bonsai artists. One of his bonsai, a Crabapple, was the logo for the 2008 1stUS National Bonsai Exhibition. Several of his bonsai have been featured in International BONSAIboth on the cover and in the Masterpiece Bonsai Gallery.


He has been studying with me for over 40…

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