New Kusamono

bonsai balcony brno

I visited Carex nursery a couple weeks ago and I had an impulse to create a new kusamono as I am not completely satisfied with my current collection and will be creating some more this spring.

I am excited to see how this will look in the spring.


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Am I watering my trees the right way? Here are a few handy tips and explanations on watering.


Watering is a very interesting topic. I read up a lot on this and watched a few videos at the end of last year as we experienced a drought that took the Western Cape by surprise. I thought it would help if I shared what I learnt during this period. This is just a guideline but at the end of this blog you will see that you have been doing it wrong. I know that is a bit of a harsh statement to make as I do not know how you water and how often you water.

Let’s jump straight into it. Why do you water your tree? No really think about this why are you watering your tree? Well the most obvious answer is that the tree needs water. That is correct, but what happens in the pot or container? It took me a while to understand this. So…

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Shohin Bonsai Europe on Instagram: “Arranging a kusamono planting. New video online. Link in bio. ⬇️ #bonsai #kusamono”

…. 121 Poda en mi Larix


Larix, quizá es uno de las pocas especies que en mi país no se cultiva en gran escala,.. no saben de la que se pierden,…

Un árbol con gran vigor y prácticamente poco cuidado salvo, el agua,… no le gusta el agua muy dura!

Este lo tengo hace ya muchos años en entrenamiento,… ramas muy densas y la corteza del tronco poco a poco se ha ido marcando. Ahora es momento de podarlo pues varias de sus ramas han comenzado a brotar y el crecimiento del año pasado ha ido desformando su forma,…

1P2J0039 Ya las brotaciones nuevas han explotado y prácticamente todas al mismo tiempo… urge podar!

Efectivamente este no es su frente pero para modo de muestra, igual vale,…

1P2J0040 Bastantes ramas muy disparadas y largas,… esto hace que éstas se engrosen en demasía y sean muy compactas.

1P2J0040.1 Medio camino ya recorrido,…

1P2J0040.2 Ya listo,.. si faltan algunos detalles y obvio…

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Walking the Jeep Track Circuit


This morning eight keen botanists and nature geeks ventured up the ZigZag above Voelklip.  As we arrived at the start of the Jeep Track, we were met by Frank, who had left before us.  A welcome stop for a drink gave us the opportunity to watch a pair of Cape Rockjumpers on the outcrops close by.  It was a great sight and they displayed beautifully.

Our stroll along the Jeep Track towards the Vogelgat boundary took us through what Sandy called ‘The Elysian Fields’, an area dominated by Leucadendrons and Restios.  Between these were many small and interesting plants that called for many stops and much discussion and fossicking* about!  The track back westwards from the boundary took us to the site of a previously visited patch of rare and endangered Mimetes capitulatus, but we failed to find them.  This caused some consternation – had they died or had they…

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