Kagawa BONSAI on Instagram: “ヒノキの盆栽です。 It is a hinoki bonsai. . It is a very good feeling coupled with backlighting. . It is a type that you can feel the feeling of big…”

Kagawa BONSAI on Instagram: “ヒノキの盆栽です。 It is a hinoki bonsai. . It is a very good feeling coupled with backlighting. . It is a type that you can feel the feeling of big…”

Bonsai-Kulturen on Instagram: “Meine Wüstenrose (Adenium obesum) 🌱🌵 Alter: 5 Jahre, Höhe (ohne Topf): 5,5 cm, Breite: 8,5 cm . . #Wüstenrose #shohin #mame #natur…”

Can you spot the tree between the Calla Lily’s ?


Today I thought I would just give you a quick update on what I am currently busy with and what lies ahead for the weekend.

First of all could you see the Podocarpus latifolius (Geelhout) growing in the lily? I dug this tree up about three years ago from my grandmothers garden and can finally replant it into another container. As you can see in the feature image I am happy that the day has arrived could not have come any sooner. This tree has been slowly but surely been strangled by the lily. I could have removed the lily earlier but by the time I noticed the lily the roots where entangled with the roots of the tree. I did not at that stage feel that the tree was in a good enough condition for me to remove the lily. It’s been a few years now and I feel…

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Discovering my true roots… a tragic tale of two plants in one container


The weekend I spent a hour untangling the lily’s roots from my Podocarpus latifolius (Geelhout). It was a bit more difficult than I expected as the roots where so infused with each other you could barely separate the lily’s roots from the trees roots. I have put this off for far to long so I just had to jump in and do it.


This was the first step after I removed the tree from the bag. It did not look like there is much roots in the bag. At this point I started to doubt the decision to separate the two plants from each other. As you can see the lily took up most of the space in the bag.
Before touching the tree any further I prepped my growing container and soil. I used the same soil mix that I always use for potting bonsai trees. I use a…

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September Snippet

Goldbird Variations

NAWA Yard 9-9-18-9612On September 9, I spent a sunny Sunday afternoon in the backyard. We are presently flirting with a three-day return to summer-like temperatures, but the blooms, the pollinators, and the visiting warblers have already left. I am sharing the memory of that afternoon in photographs.

I was delighted by the presence of a Nashville Warbler. I don’t get to see migrating birds in my yard too often, so it was great to just sit and become part of the landscape and observe the warbler and the pollinators on a beautiful afternoon.

I had planted some different goldenrod and asters last fall to see if they would stop the echinacea from taking over the entire back bed now that the shade of the truncated Ohio Buckeye is no longer a force to be reckoned with. After all the rain early in the spring, I have a formidable fortress of goldenrod and…

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Back to Bear River Refuge


Sept 24, 2018

Melinda & I spent the previous evening with Jessica’s family. We hung out, played games and had a great time. In the morning we had breakfast of enormous waffles and eggs. Thanks Jessica & Doug.

Melinda was going to Idaho with me for a couple of days so we headed north, once again bringing Taco Time lunch to Nan’s family. We hung out as long as we could, factoring in a birding route through the Bear River Refuge and getting home at a reasonable hour, hopefully before dark.

So once again, I’m at the Bear River Refuge. Migration is definitely in process. There were unexpected flocks of tree swallows on the reeds, and an overall reduction in the number of birds if not the species. The Black necked stilts were all gone.

I was happy to have gotten any kind of photo of this Sage thrasher


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