Mac Donald Fernandes on Instagram: “Bonsai de Acer Maple, Uma beleza natural. Autor da foto e da planta desconhecido. Quem souber nos ajude a dar os devidos créditos. Conheça…”

Mac Donald Fernandes on Instagram: “Bonsai de Primavera Boungainvillea, Uma beleza natural. Autor da foto e da planta desconhecido. Quem souber nos ajude a dar os devidos…”

David Weaver on Instagram: “Crowned Lapwings on a misty chilly morning. Interesting how the one has yellow eyes and the other dark. #crownedlapwing…”

David Weaver on Instagram: “Cape Longclaws are the pretty boys of the grassveld. #bestbirdsofinstagram #sabirds #birdingsouthafrica #birdlife_sa #birdlifesouthafrica…”

Las Vegas Bonsai Society on Instagram: “A recent photo of the staghorn sumac on display @pacificbonsaimuseum . Redefining #literati bonsai at an extremely high level. We’ve also…”

It is perfect for the first … “Kagawa BONSAI on Instagram:” Just adjusting the leaves makes it very shiny. Shimpaku often finds in shops.

October Meeting Report


It was heads down and a concerted effort at the meeting as we applied ourselves to a practical project that was equally enjoyable too.  First we had an introductory talk.

The topic was larches with club member Peter sharing his experiences with this species.  He brought in one of his trees which was a thug of a specimen (his words).  This Larix decidua/European Larch is approximately 80 years old, and certainly has history.  It was big, heavy, craggy and indicating its age with deadwood on the trunk.  Unfortunately it

was not at its best. During our very hot summer this year, both his larches had suffered.  In spite of extra tender loving care with shading and increased hydration, they struggled and sulked and were not happy at all and needles had grown long.  The European variety is coarser, slow growing and develops a characteristic splitting bark. The more refined looking…

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Mini Birding Big Day (MBBD) 2018

Hermanus Bird Club

This year’s MBBD will take place over 12 hours (5:30 am to 5:30 pm) on Sunday 4 November, within a 40 km radius of Central Hermanus.  Teams will comprise 4 members and the usual rules will apply;  at least three members of each team must confirm each species identified and identification can be by sight or call.  You can only use bird calls if you have the relevant bird on your life list, i.e. you cannot use a bird call for something you have never seen.

Please submit your team name and members to me at by the end of October.

All participants (who by now will be thoroughly exhausted!) should meet at Fernkloof at 5:30 pm to compare notes and celebrate the winning team.  Bring along a drink or two as you are likely to be thirsty!

2018 MBBD Area MBBD 2018 Competition Area

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BirdLife SA’s Birding Big Day 2018

Hermanus Bird Club


In case you are not aware, BirdLife SA’s Birding Big Day event takes place on Saturday 24 November.  Teams from all around South Africa will be taking part in this exciting event. For details of how it works and registration, please see

Participants who take part in our own MBBD will have a head start as they will have sussed out the best birding spots and should know where to spend their time.

HBC will support any teams made up of our members by paying the registration fee of R300 per team.  Let’s put HBC on the map this year by doing well!

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