Bonsai Blues

twist & turn

Well, well, well, what am I gonna do with a pot of bonsai? I shook my head as I placed the offending object on a foot stall by the door. Guess who sent it to me as a birthday prezzie? My father-in-law! Why bonsai? WHY??

David, my father-in-law, has the annoying habit of sending unwanted gifts. I suspect he tends to overthink when it comes to choosing presents, and as a result, Hubbie and I end up receiving gifts which are totally out of sync. Why can he not give me what I want?! I would rather have a shopping voucher than a bonsai! I may sounds bratty but his idea of what makes a personal gift exciting and clever has never seen eye to eye with mine, and I am increasingly getting annoyed. Every year, Hubbie tries his best to communicate with him about the issue, suggesting him boring…

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