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JBP Candle-cutting

Nebari Bonsai

I like to update this one every summer and every winter (if I can get to it). Remember, candle-cutting JBP with 100 days left in the growing season produces a second flush of growth, with more buds (ramification), and shorter needles, due to the shortened growing season.

July 10, before

Starting at the top, remove this season’s candles:

Middle section complete; leaving longer stubs on the stronger shoots. Look at these like fuses on a firecracker, the longer the fuse, the takes to go!

All of this year’s candles removed:

Pruned heavy areas, and thinned the needles down to 10 or so pairs of needles per shoot.

Want to see how this tree got from a nursery can to antique Chinese container in 10 years, in a flip-book format, with step-by step, cause-effect photos? Check out the book:Developing Japanese Black Pine Bonsai…by yours truly.



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2015 Air Layers update

Scratch Bonsai

Well, mixed results for my first time air layering although I’m reasonably happy given that I tried this technique late in the season.

First up, a success of sorts.  I airlayered the top of this European Hornbeam back in the summer and discovered one prominent root, hopefully there are other new roots growing unseen in the moss.


To protect any new root growth I cut a plastic pot and wrapped it around the trunk, filling it with free draining soil.  The pot is resting on a couple of well positioned branches so it is well supported.  I’ll wrap it in bubble wrap to protect from frost.


Next up, a Trident Maple air layer that didn’t take at all:


It was interesting to see the knuckle of callous that had developed at the planned based of the layer.  I had left a good five centimetres to try to prevent any ‘bridging’ of the…

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