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Crataegus Bonsai

Bonsai Eejit

After Crater Lake it would be hard to find anything in nature as inspiring on the rest of the trip. Therefore I switched to Bonsai for inspiration for the rest of the short time we had left :-). Leaving Klamath Falls we moved North West over the high desert and down into Portland. A chunk of this was done in the rain so we missed some mountain views along the way. It can’t always be perfect 🙂

My next stop was Michael Hagedorn’s place, Crataegus Bonsai. You should know who I’m talking about if you follow this blog. I reblog a lot of Michaels posts as they are always so informative and well timed for seasonal work. Michael also posts kusamono which as you know is also a major passion of mine. This was one spot I was really looking forward too. I had been emailing with Michael to plan…

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Let Your Ficus Grow Before Repotting and Defoliation

Bonsai Penjing & More

Summer is a busy time for people who love and grow a lot of sub-tropical and tropical bonsai. I live in Southeast Texas, and start to repot, defoliate and wire my ficus in June. By this time the Texas heat is intense, daily temperature is in the 90s with heat index over 100ºF; it is very hot working outside even under the shade. I repot my ficus later than what most people living in Zone 9 would do because I want my trees to take advantage of spring growth spurt before doing any major maintenance work. You may have read advises such as repot tropical trees when the night temperature is above 60ºF. That is correct for safety reason but it does not mean you have to plunge right into it when the weather warms up. Just take it easy and let your tree grow, let them become healthy and…

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From the brink….

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

The back story……

Early February, 2017. Gulfport Mississippi, on a tour. I’m at Buck’s house, working on trees. A lot of trees. I did some carving on a podocarpus.

Wired it up too.That was fun.

Did some touch up carving and styling on a Campeche

Flat top style.

We drank a lot of beer.

A ficus buxifolia or ficus lingua.

In the evening I did a demo for the Gulfport Mississippi club. This is Adam.The cheesyness factor must come with the name. That’s my demo tree, a bougie, he won it in the raffleI think it survived my ministrations.

Buck has been growing this big ficus microcarpa for a long time. We wired it and did some grafting.Zipties work well.

Here’s a Texas ebony that beat me up.But I won in the end, though I had thorns in my fingers for a month.

But the…

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