Creating a Bonsai

9b Gardens

My most recent obession – Bonsai! Here’s what I threw together over the weekend.

The first task is to find a proper container. I found this large shallow concrete pot at a local shop in Berkeley for about $17 (super cheap for something of this size!). Next I threw in some volcanic rock to ensure good drainage.


Cover those rocks with a sandy soil mixture. I just used the same mix that I use for all my succulents, but with some rock dust and epsom salt added. Nutrition is key for a healthy bonsai.


Picked up some potting soil from the same shop for $3. Its a porous loamy mixture that I know these plants are gonna love.


Add some rocks for extra drainage.


Add some different colored rocks because it looks cool.


I don’t want my bonsai tree to get lonely, so let’s add in some friends. I picked…

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