Cuttings: Chinese Elm and Ilex Vomitoria

Originally posted on Tree High Bonsai:
Not to be lame, but in Bonsai the cuttings are your future.  Take it slow with how many cuttings you take though….before you know it you’ll have more trees than you can take care of.  Now if that is your goal, well keep on propagating! I don’t always take cuttings.  In my climate, I’m pruning daily and there are… Continue reading Cuttings: Chinese Elm and Ilex Vomitoria

Lessons of the Bonsai

Originally posted on John Boyko:
Ancient cultures are not dead. They are around and within us and offering lessons for those willing to listen. Indigenous cultures, for instance, are teaching us the power of community, environmental responsibility, circles, cultural approbation, collective responsibility, and resilience in the face of tragedy and overwhelming odds. Let us consider the lessons of the ancient Japanese culture: patience and simplification.… Continue reading Lessons of the Bonsai

Bonsai Expo at Duke Gardens

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Over the weekend, we went to the Triangle Bonsai Society’s Expo at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University. I’ve always loved the living art of Bonsai, a beautifully grown and trimmed tree or shrub in perfect miniature. There were Pines, Junipers, Ficus and even Azaleas. ? ? One gentleman even had a rock mounted to resemble… Continue reading Bonsai Expo at Duke Gardens