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Juniper Project Phase 3 Continued

Michael Coopers Studio

KaizenBefore on 25thNow at the end of July the Juniper has put on a healthy burst of growth and is ready for thinning out a bit and wiring even more carefully .

Just Started workFresh supply of wire to hand and starting work on the lower branches first.

Work in ProgressWork in progress 3After wiring the whole tree right out to the tertiary branches I decided it was time to take off some of the very heavy 6mm wire (should have done that first,I know.) that was used originally to make a major change to the direction of the trunk and a secondary branch. (March 17th this year)Work in progress 4.jpgmasked

The very topmost part of the trunk needed quite a heavy wire still to be redone but the rest seemed to have done the job OK.

Work in progress 5.jpg maskedSue is being very patient about this great black nursery pot on a stand outside the window and I am getting impatient about seeing…

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