My Pine Needles are Yellowing…Do I Have a Problem?

michael hagedorn

Maybe not.

In early summer, when new needles on single flush pine species are finishing growing and hardening off, we may see old needles yellowing and falling off. This is a totally normal process of replacement. One can assist the tree by removing these old needles at this time, so that light and air can get into the branches.

Consider: This is an evergreen, but even evergreens need to lose old foliage at some point. Otherwise they would still have their first leaf or needle.

A Shore Pine losing some of last year’s needles in early summer. The patchiness on this tree is not needle cast disease, but the natural process of the tree beginning to reclaim the nutrition in the chlorophyll before dropping the needle (plants are so smart…). The yellow indicates this process is complete. And it’s also a timing indicator for us that it’s time to begin fertilizing…

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Book Review: Miniature Moss Gardens

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I got a book in the mail.Sweet.

I love doing book reviews!

Especially well put together ones. That means I get to share it with y’all (even though I’ve been in the “South” longer than I was in the “North” I still find it hard to say y’all….).

Let’s talk about the book.

First, the photos are amazing. This is from a dude that takes photos (very badly and unprofessionally I must add) to tell stories. But the photos, and not the “arty” ones like these………really do the job they’re supposed to: show you what the words are telling.

And, not surprisingly for a Tuttle imprint, it is informative.

The book highlights moss; the different kinds, the growing conditions and culture, the where/how/ethics of moss collection from the wild, and, importantly, growing it yourself.

It covers using moss on bonsai, or by itself.

It tells a story of…

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What to do with White Pines in the Fall

michael hagedorn

Japanese White pine is a relatively simple plant to maintain. When we apply invasive pine techniques to White pine we usually end up weakening them. For starters, cutting green old needles off White pine is not a great idea. The tree rarely has the energy to respond positively to this, and it’s better to let the needles start to yellow naturally, and pull them off in middle of summer through fall when they come off easily. Right about now, in fact.

Lots of trees are pretty complicated and fall work on them is quite involved. Black pine is one of them, or any of the several pines that you might cut the candle on in mid-spring and have regrowth to manage in the fall. White pine is in another group, which only grows once a year and so there is less to do in the fall. The other pines that…

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