~Birding in Texas, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

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~Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

I would see this lone Scissor-tailed sitting on a wire fence along the main entry road into South Llano River State Park. It had claimed this section of fence line and was hunting bugs.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher ~Scissor-tailed Flycatcher~

I decided the best way for me to capture a few photos of this gorgeous flycatcher was to try and take the shots from my car.

When taking photos from the car, I roll the window about 2/3 down and place a swimmer’s noodle, that I have cut to size, over the glass.  It stays in the car for just this purpose. The lens fits nicely on top of the noodle.

I tried to take a few photos outside the car, but he/she would just fly down the fence line out of camera range. {sigh}

_MG_9949 ~Pink underwing coverts~

The photo below shows the long tail and pink patch on the shoulder.

_MG_9817 ~Beautiful…

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Bonsai Progress July 2017

Michael Coopers Studio

My Bonsai Progress over the last six months or so.

Juniper Project JUly black 1This is coming on a treat now, looking a bit better than it did not so long ago at the beginning of May, the High Nitrogen feed seems to have done it good.

Good one.jpg2Just looking forward to getting it into a better pot,my Sue is getting a bit fed up with this big black pot out there but it will have to wait until the spring for a repot and root prune. Got Bonsai do a 50cm  plastic which is about a big as I can get or afford for the next stage.

Penny Pinching Pensioner’s Bonsai Purchases

Some of my earlier cheapies are beginning to look a bit more like bonsai now or at least potentials These Larch for instance cost about £1.33 each in Jan 2016

.At my age group plantings give you a chance to…

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July 2017 – Our Annual Night out


IMG_20170712_205303Time to dip into our monthly raffle kitty again, when all those old paperbacks, Cds, unwanted presents and oddments of all sorts contribute to our annual evening out.

The evening started with a walk around Castle Neroche under the guidance of our professional forester member Jon, who explained some of the background and history of the site on the Blackdown Hills and how the forestry work had to be sympathetic to the site of an Ancient  Monument.017

Originally the site of an Iron Age Hill Fort the actual castle was built later probably by Robert,Count of Mortain in Noman times. The name possibly come from Old English Nierra and Rechich ,meaning Rache a type of hunting dog used in the middle ages and thus meaning the camp where the hunting dogs were kept.


Jon explained that in addition to the work of felling some carefully selected trees in order to…

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