Watering techniques that can help you save water while caring for bonsai.


With the resent water restrictions that we have in the Stellenbosch, my home town in South Africa. We may use 100 liters of water per day per person on the property and you are not allowed to use the municipal water for watering plants or use it outside the house.  I thought it would be a good idea to share the techniques I use to water my bonsai trees. I have used various techniques the past few months to try and save water but keep my trees in a healthy condition.

Sprinkler System

I installed a sprinkler system a few years ago to help water my trees. I had less trees and water restrictions was not in place. I used micro sprinkler heads. I had sprinklers that covered 360 degrees in a 1,2m radius and heads that covered 90 degrees for the trees in the corners.  I placed the heads…

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