Old Project Revisit and New Project Teaser…

Michael Hagedorn

This massive Ponderosa pine was repotted this week into its first bonsai pot. It had been in a box for about 6 years so the root growth was pretty impressive. We’d grafted it with Black pine a few years back.

This photo is from 2015, perhaps some of you remember this, it was a graft that got out of hand and I had to bend it with a jack.

And this was this week, taking the beast out of the box and putting it into a pot…

Potted but not styled. We’ll revisit this one another day.

And this is our teaser photo…a Shore pine. The grin on Andrew’s face tells the truth, we had a hoot of a time with this one. But it’s pretty hard to make out what our plan was here, so we’ll do a full post on it next week…

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