A new bonsai…

Hello all, I know it has been a while, since I have post anything about bonsai. Well after many months here is an update, and a very special one! 🙂 Behold my new bonsai: My Sequoia Sempervirens – made by forest style (in Japanese: yose-un) ? So now comes the usual part where I talk a bit about the plant itself and caring. The reason… Continue reading A new bonsai…

March 27 – Workday, Olives and Special Trees

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Today I needed to be a re-potting crazy man and managed to get all of this year’s re-potting done minus one tree!  I had not re-potted some of the olives for over 5 years as I was more concerned with creating good roots and styling foliage. This could not last another year. With the great temperatures all the olives have been… Continue reading March 27 – Workday, Olives and Special Trees

Earth Day and the Art of Bonsai

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I am celebrating Earth Day today by enjoying the trees gathered in my collection. Enjoying their beauty and their contribution to the planet. So many people live in hermetically sealed apartments and home with no lawn or garden, no trees and maybe a postage stamp of grass. In Bonsai we work to preserve nature and in some cases can collect endangered… Continue reading Earth Day and the Art of Bonsai