A new bonsai…

Hello all,

I know it has been a while, since I have post anything about bonsai. Well after many months here is an update, and a very special one! 🙂

Behold my new bonsai: My Sequoia Sempervirens – made by forest style (in Japanese: yose-un)

So now comes the usual part where I talk a bit about the plant itself and caring. The reason why this plant is so close to my heart is, because it can not be found where I live. It is more common in the United States (Northern California and Southwestern Oregon States), but in Central Europe no. If sequoia is not familiar to you, maybe coast redwood sounds more familiar because that is how it is called in common language. Even if this is a “miniature tree”, it tries to show that these trees can be tall, very tall… in fact one of the tallest…

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March 27 – Workday, Olives and Special Trees


Today I needed to be a re-potting crazy man and managed to get all of this year’s re-potting done minus one tree!  I had not re-potted some of the olives for over 5 years as I was more concerned with creating good roots and styling foliage. This could not last another year. With the great temperatures all the olives have been pushing aggressive new growth. Along with the olives I had trees in grow pots or containers that need to move to office bonsai pots, tropical trees that needed refinement before I could to my special exhibit at our club show in May, and some overdue trees. I worked on 2 Schefflera that is coming along nicely, a western fig that received its (every 4 years) hair cut, a dwarf bottle brush that finally need to go into a bonsai grow pot.

WP_20160326_10_26_46_Pro_LI Western Fig before trimming.

WP_20160326_11_01_48_Pro_LI Bottlebrush after re-potting in…

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2017 Winter into Spring


It has been a very odd year for bonsai in northern California this year. We have been having extremely mild temperatures and tons, and I mean tons, of rain. This after 5 + years of drought has turned our schedules into mud. Along with the rain comes the need to improve drainage by tipping pots, rotating them of often, sheltering some plants for periods of less water, severely interrupted re-potting schedules. Taking trees out of the rain for a few days to drain before re-potting is essential; otherwise, we rip roots and work in mud.

There is too much moss everywhere and a constant effort must be made to clean the nebari of the trees to stop moss from climbing trunks. However, I can clean a tree and 5 days later have to do it again. Since temperatures have been so mild and wet we also now have to battle…

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Earth Day and the Art of Bonsai


I am celebrating Earth Day today by enjoying the trees gathered in my collection. Enjoying their beauty and their contribution to the planet. So many people live in hermetically sealed apartments and home with no lawn or garden, no trees and maybe a postage stamp of grass. In Bonsai we work to preserve nature and in some cases can collect endangered species to preserve them for the future. We handle our trees with care, ensure they are fed the best natural foods, water them carefully with our limited resources. Why do we do this? To bring nature back into our lives while enjoying the living art. Contributing oxygen back into our planet where we are surrounded by concrete and glass structures. I am reminded of this as I drive around the Bay area and witness endless miles of pavement, buildings crowed together and limited heat radiating man-made surfaces. Get out…

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Summer is Show Time


There are several bay area shows coming up and my June is looking terrible. I may make it but life intervenes with regular work and unpredictable schedules. In the mean time I put up my Diamyo Oak to stand back and take a look. I had to thin out some super dense leaf groups and then notices I had an antenna; a double apex that cannot show that way. This will take some careful wiring for the month of May to prepare to show in June.Need to clean up the nebari too. Off to get some more wire and then wire this fellow up this week. I am just back from traveling for work so my energy level is only about as good as looking at the problem today. They I think I will take a nap 🙂

This Japanese oak is now 27 years old, cultivated from seed carried…

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