Juniper Project Phase 3

Originally posted on Michael Coopers Studio:
It was back along at the beginning of February when I discovered this Juniper hidden away in the potting up area of an old nursery, a tale that has been told earlier  in the saga of this tree’s discovery  .Phase 1 Things have gone on at quite a pace now, the previous phases being – Phase 2  when with Adrian, a friend from Taunton… Continue reading Juniper Project Phase 3

Trip to H&F Import Bonsai Supply & Nursery

Originally posted on Tree High Bonsai:
I have been in need of a few supplies and the list just keeps growing.  I’ve also been putting the trip off due to being busy…but it couldn’t wait any longer. I allotted myself one hour yesterday to head over to H&F, a local wholesale nursery and supply.  Lucky for me, they are only a few miles away!  You… Continue reading Trip to H&F Import Bonsai Supply & Nursery

Chop chop chop, is it technique or butchery? 

Originally posted on Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog:
Uh oh! It doesn’t look good for this ficus.? Like they say, the first cut is the deepest. Snikt!!Don’t?worry, I might know what I’m doing…..maybe.? Let’s continue with the insults, it gets worse. Poor tree. It gets worse. You see, I’m interested in these roots.?They kinda go round and round like a bonsai Facebook page arguing… Continue reading Chop chop chop, is it technique or butchery?