The Knife, The Foil, and The Moss

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I’m gonna cut you sucker! Yes, you!Just because you have a fancy name,chloroluceun tortum, doesn’t mean you’re safe. Most just think of you as the Brazilian raintree.Let me tell you a story. I recently picked up some trees for my vendor table at the upcoming Bsf/Abs joint convention in Orlando (Click here for details). I was looking for trees that I could pot up for quick sale. Like this jade:

Or this other raintree:Look at that movement, dayum!

But you, the tree I have in front of me now is….ummm, just wrong.Well, actually, from here down…….you’re not bad. But this long section….……you have no taper, no interest and you’re just kinda flat. Soooooooo……since I am contractually obligated to make at least one airlayer post a year and, it’s the month of May in Florida, I think I know what to do….


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