Bonsai for future generations

Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle

It’s so important that we make locally grown material for bonsai as we know that it will thrive in our climate and that we make provision for future generations of bonsai enthusiasts.

I have been taking cuttings for over ten years, some take but many do not. I have a parent Itoigawa plant that I have used and have taken over 100 cuttings from this.  Once the cutting have reached three growing seasons I introduce movement into the small trunks with copper wire, I also pot on into larger pots, usually shohin pots.

After another three growing seasons they are ready to move on to larger pots and so continue. Some of the cutting are used to graft onto older junipers that are having their foliage changed.

Another aspect of providing for future generations is (if suitable) I replace yamadori collected with a young tree of the same species into…

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The Flock Report – by Trevor Hardaker

Hermanus Bird Club

I am sure that Trevor Hardaker won’t mind my copying his excellent report on the Flock at Sea, as it provides an interesting insight into an incredible event.

‘We are back from the Flock at Sea AGAIN! 2017 cruise and there is only one thing that can really be said about it… if you were NOT on this cruise, you have almost certainly missed out on one of THE most amazing birding events ever to have taken place in Southern African birding history!!

I’m sure a full trip report will be published in due course which will include the long list of mouth-watering rarities that we were lucky enough to see on this trip but, without a doubt, the bird of the trip was Southern Africa’s 15th ever LIGHT-MANTLED ALBATROSS that was seen well by a large majority of the observers on board on Tuesday morning, a true mega…

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Hawthorn Progress


I am pleased with the progress of this informal upright hawthorn. I have deliberately potted it into a deep pot to allow better root development and improve ramification.

The tree is growing well this season and to date this year I have only pinched back a few leading growth tips on twigs that have thickened enough. I intend to give it its first real trim in a week or so and this should help further ramification.


In time this tree will get a much better pot.

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8th World Bonsai Convention in Saitama City, Japan– Part 3, Shohin Bonsai

Valavanis Bonsai Blog


There were a great number of beautiful shohin and mame bonsai on display, many of unusual species. Each of the display compositions was well executed.


_P4A1443_P4A1442_P4A1689_P4A1680_P4A1666 2_P4A1670

e US National Shohin Bonsai Exhibition were they will be displayed in a unique venue. Additonally, workshops with superb plant material, lecture/demonstrations, auctions and a critique will be held. Join us! More information can be found at:


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